Our Church

The Church of St Kyneburgha of Castor plays an important part of our school life.  Both the church and the school are built on a site of world historical significant from the time of the Romans. We are protected by English Heritage Regulations and are listed as a Scheduled Site. Our church is the only place of worship dedicated to the life and work of St Kyneburgha, who was a Saxon Princess living in Castor. She established the first church, parts of which still remain today.

We are generously supported from the Rector and his team who work in partnership with our staff and governors to ensure that Christian values and the teachings of the Church of England permeate all aspects of school life. The children enjoy assemblies once a week which is led by a member of the church’s team all of whom play a significant role in helping the children to understand more about the life and teachings of Jesus. We celebrate services on numerous occasions throughout the year, including a Eucharist service each term. Our whole school community enjoy coming together to worship in our beautiful and historic church on these occasions. To find out more about our Benefice please visit www.castorchurch.co.uk.